Dance Tells a Story

​At Tribal Dance Long Island, we believe that every choreography is a story to be told, That entertainment and performance is an interpretive art form, and that each audience member takes away something special, something that touches their soul on a deeper level. Because of this belief, many people who hire us to perform at their events and celebrations like to chose certain pieces we have created based on the story to fit the theme of their event.

These are a few of our favorite Stories...

The Stories....

"The Celebration"

Opening Welcome Dance

Song: Entrance of the Stars

"The Temple of the Goddess"

Candle Dance

Song:The Prologue

"May Day Romp" 

Song: Saftey Dance

"From Dusk Till Dawn-The Alter of Kali"

Song: Runaway

"Daughters of Furiosa"

Song: GimmeDat

"Ghosts of Araby"

Song: Saptak

"Dream Catcher"

​Song: Takaya Mija

"Enter Sandman"

Song: Enter Sandman

"Lilith's Army"

Cane Dance

Song: Living Dead Girl

"Spring Magic"

Veil Dance

Song: The Mummer's Dance

"Gypsy Revel"

Tambourine Dance

Song: Disko Partizani

"Elemental Desire"

Fan Veil Dance

Song: Earth Breath

The Enchantress

Theatrical Fusion & Dubstep

Song: Everybody Wants to Rule the World

​by Lorde

The Lost Girls

Theatrical Fusion

​Song: Cry Little Sister

Goddess Rising

Fusion Belly Dance

Song: Saptak Samaya remix