‚ÄčTribal Dance Long Island has operated as a "Snake Sanctuary"  and snake rescue for almost a decade. Snakes who have been rescued are re-homed at TDLI, are handled with love and care, socialized and brought out into the community for shows, educational lectures and dance events.  Money is raised for their upkeep through our Snake Charming Shows and educational programs, as well as donations. 

Available for private parties, shows and events, the AMAZING trained Dance snakes of Tribal Dance Long Island and their beautiful, talented handlers will charm any audience and bring an element of Ancient mystery to any event. Message us TODAY for an opportunity to bring our snakes to YOUR event, school function, or party.

The Art of women dancing with serpents dates back to ancient times, revered in ancient art, sculpture and culture from Africa, MesoAmerica, Celtic History, Mesopotamia and beyond...At Tribal Dance Long Island, we bring this stunning, captivating, unique and breathtaking art form into modern times.

The Ancient Art of Snake Charming