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Cienna has been Dancing and performing for 37 years, beginning with Ballet, Tap, Jazz, professional singing and all manner of theater arts. Cienna followed her Middle Eastern heritage into Belly Dance at the age of 18, where she found a home like no other in the world of Dance. Inspired by attending classes and workshops within the world of Tribal, and finding great love and appreciation for the cutting edge works of Fat Chance Belly Dance, Wild Card Belly Dance and Black Sheep Belly Dance, Cienna set out to create a vivid tribal style that was unique to the East Coast, particularly her deeply loved home and birthplace of Long Island, New York.

Holding a Masters in Education, Cienna deeply believes in the power of education, informed choice and that learning skills creates beauty and confidence in women like nothing else.

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Tribal Dance Long Island & Caravan Connection New York is a Cultural & Performing Arts Studio dedicated to Celebrating Life through Culture, Music, Dance, Art, Personal Empowerment and Creative Whimsy. Focused on World Arts such as Middle Eastern Belly Dance & Drumming, Tribal Fusion Belly Dance, Bollywood & Indian Dance, Esoteric Healing Arts, Henna Tattoos, American Classic Burlesque, Pole Dance, Various Performance Art and local artists & authors, TDLI is a hub of artistic, intellectual, esoteric & cultural art centered on the concept of “Tribe”, or Community.

TDLI is home to Dance Companies ” Wandering Earth”, “Metal East”, Student Showcase Troupe, “The Mystic Sisters” and Drum Ensemble, “Raqs Tabla” and is a major contributor to Arts Education through seminars, workshops, performances and appearances and Charity event throughout New York and the Tri-State Area. 

At Tribal Dance Long Island, we deeply believe that Dance celebrates the beauty of every woman, the awe-inspiring beauty and power within the divine feminine at every stage of life, every size and every shape. It is passionate, sensual, uplifting and inspiring for both the audience and performers.

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