Technique &Tune-up – Open Level 

For both the new and experienced bely dancer,  this upbeat level inclusive class  will introduce, 
break down and refine the essentials of cabaret style belly dance movement, (all styles welcome) with fun drills, movement exercises and take home combinations.
 Beginner students will gain confidence and knowledge in their foundational movements while more advanced students will be challenged by a focus on layers, quality, breath and dynamics.
Props such as  zills are encouraged, and a fun attitude. 

AmCab Choreography & Props 

Learn how to turn movement into dance. In this class we will go beyond fundamentals into choreographies.  Geared for intermediate dancers & up, students will learn about musicality, dynamics, dance skills and of course choreography! Beginner students are welcome but strongly encouraged to supplement with the Technique Class.
Props may also be introduced through various choreographies, please contact  TDLI to see what prop is currently being taught, if any. Class is geared to future performances, but not required.

Pole Dance & Aerial/Circus Arts Prices

Drop In- $25.00

5 Class pack- $120.00*

10 Class pack- $200.00*

Monthly Unlimited - $300.00*

* Includes: Discounts into Belly Dance, Drum & Workshops.


Drop In- $15.00*

5 Class Pack- $65.00*

10 Class Pack $120.00**

Monthly Unlimited: $150.00**

* Includes: ALL Belly Dance Classes, Drum, Burlesque
** Includes: ALL Belly Dance Classes, Drum, Burlesque and discounts on Pole/Aerial & Workshops

American Cabaret Belly Dance

Middle Eastern Drum Level I

Learn the art & practice of Middle Eastern & African Drumming with Master Drum Instructors & Performers. Focus is on techniques, rhythms, drumming for dance performance and personal growth & enrichment. Loaner drums are available to rent.

Middle Eastern Drum Level II

Learn the art & practice of Middle Eastern & African Drumming with Master Drum Instructors & Performers. Level II begins to refine the Focus on techniques, rhythms, drumming for dance performance and personal growth & enrichment. 

Live Drumming w/ Dancers

Drum Class Prices

Drop In- $15.00

5 Class Pack- $65.00

10 Class pack- $120.00

*ALL Belly Dance Packages Include Drumming

Tribal Fusion Belly Dance Level I

Students will learn the break down of Basic Belly Dance movement and technique, focusing on flat foot maneuvering, hand and arm placements, dance essentials within stretching and prepping the body, Tribal essentials such as maya and taceem hip movements, isolation, combos and basic choreography. level 1 is geared for the learning student, beginner belly dancers or belly dancers transitioning from Cabaret to Tribal.​

Tribal Fusion Belly Dance Level II

Level II is designed to expand, enhance and scaffold on all learning within Level I. Level II students are groomed for performance level techniques, floor work and back bends, tribal/community cues and learning how to lead campfire style dancing. As well, Level II students are encouraged to begin working with props and learning solo improvisational dance to Live drummers & Musicians.  *Introduction to dancing with zills.

Tribal Fusion Belly Dance Level III

Performance Preperation - Details Coming Soon

Belly Dance Improv & Solo Arts w/ Live Drums

ALL Styles of Belly Dance Welcome. Dancers will have an opportunity to showcase their solo work in a nurturing environment with creative critical analysis and one on one mentoring within a group setting. Dancers will be working in the traditional format of LIVE Drummers!! Learning Ancient Drum Rhythms, musical cues and working technique vocabulary into improv dance.

Tribal Fusion Skills & Drills

Detailed Description Coming Soon

Tribal Cues & Choreography

​Must be enrolled in Tribal Fusion Belly Dance Level I and Up to attend. Students learn and participate in the creation of troupe style choreography as well, learn the hand and vocal cues to learn TDLI Group improvisation for performance Campfire Dance.

Tribal Fusion Props

Must be a level II or above student, props include zills, hand held candles, swords, canes, fan veils, ribbon poi, veils, tambourines Fire fans*and baskets. Props instruction will rotate and students are responsible for their own props. It is recommended that students call the studio to see what props the class will be working with that week.

Belly Dance Solo & Improv Arts

Often very intimidating, the improvised solo can be a daunting notion. Within the nurturing and supportive environment of this class, dancers help dancers with suggestions and encouragement to learn how to relax and become creative with unknown music for improvisation solo performance. Coupled with one on one instruction and performance within the class setting, students gain confidence, poise and practice for the art.

Teen Tribal Fusion Belly Dance

As with Adult level Tribal Fusion Belly Dance, children learn the history of the cultural, ethnic dance, as well as Basic ballet inspired dance structure in body positioning, stance and stretch. Within all classes, students will learn and review the break down of Basic Belly Dance movement, posture and technique, focusing on Tribal Style flat foot maneuvering, hand and arm placements, dance essentials within stretching and prepping the body, Tribal essentials such as maya and taceem hip movements, isolation,combination movements, layering of techniques, choreography and cue vocabulary.

Ages 13 - 17

Tribal Fusion Mommy & Me

The Mommy & Me Classes will focus on low impact belly dance movements for moms in a safe, nurturing environment where they can bond with their children. Children of walking ability will also learn stretches and movements that be done with mom’s assistance, and for babies who are not yet walking, Moms are encouraged to belly dance with them in their arms for various movements and exercises. Traditional “Pappoosing” is encouraged for flexibility and bonding. As Tribal style belly dance encourages “community” Women dance together with their children in a relaxing, nurturing environment, This class does contain some light level choreography and combinations, to encourage the dancers to progressive dance, Older Children are encouraged to interact with each other within the dance as well as to interact with the adults during “FREE” dance time. All children have various levels of attention span, and parents are encouraged to participate at the children level.

Private and Semi Private Lessons

Need Personal attention and instruction to bring your performance and technique to the next level? We have regular times available for private lessons. We will design a personal curriculum just for you, tailored to your specific needs.

Belly Fit/ Low Impact

Belly Dance techniques, combos & Warm-ups for prolonged fitness. Low impact, high energy. No choreography

Belly Fit/ Medium Impact

Belly Dance techniques, combos & Warm-ups for prolonged fitness. medium impact, faster paced than Low impact, high energy. No choreography (Medium Impact Students are expected to know some basic belly dance technique)

Drop In Price: $15.00. Included on ALL Belly Dance Packages.

Circus 101

Ever dream of running away to join the circus? Of course you have! We all have!! This class makes all your dreams come true by training you for the circus arts. CIRCUS 101 is an over view class that spans the basics, students learn balance, juggling, hula hoop dance, partner acro, and the coveted aerial arts...Silks & Lyra (suspended hoops)

Space is limited, please RSVP.

​Intro to Pole Dance

​Pole dance classes cover all the basics of climbing, twirling and holds, all the while helping the student to relate to her audience and develop a trust for herself, her ability and of course, the pole. Classes are progressive towards choreography and include, warm ups, stretching, techniques, drills, routines and review.

Pole Dance Level I/II

​This class focuses on expressing fluid movement, strength, and body conditioning to make your pole experience "above the bar"!  Attire: leg warmers, leggings, heels are optional

Pole Dance & Flow

Not just fitness, but sensual dance movement and technique for unique mind-body-spirit connection with your inner (and outter)  Goddess

Chair & Sensual Dance


Para-Para Japanese Group Dance

Follow along with Nicole as we dance along the way to learning various popular para-para dances and their J-pop(Japanese Pop Music) counterparts. This is a very fun class that gives you the benefits of a great cardio workout, with easy to follow repetitive movements. This is a one of a kind workshop that has never been done before outside of the west!

Monthly Workshops Ongoing call for schedules

Classic American Burlesque

​TDLI Classic Burlesque classes are held as weekly classes as well as Workshops. Within the structure of class, students will get a warm up, introduction to new concepts and techniques, review of past techniques, drills, choreography and performance reviews. Instructors work with each student to help her develop her own unique stage persona and style! This class will give you the basic framework to unleash your inner starlet and to cultivate your showgirl personality in a judgement free zone! We welcome all races, body types and sexual orientation!

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Circus & Aerial Arts

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