Cienna has been Dancing for 37 years, beginning with Ballet, Tap and Jazz. Followed her Mediterranean heritage into Belly Dance at the age of 18, thanks to a serendipitous casting as a Belly Dancer in a college production of “Man of La Mancha”, she found a home like no other in the world of Belly Dance.  With award winning performances in both Florida and New York, Cienna brings a level of Joy and passion within dance that is contagious for her audience, and strives to impart the beauty of all women, at every size, shape and age. With a Masters degree in Education, Teaching is at the core and heart of Cienna’s practice. Utilizing the scaffolding of techniques to break down core movements, layering and drills, students become confident in their ability at every level of skill.

Kirah is a multi-award winning, professional belly dancer in the Long Island, NY area. She is recognized by her peers and clients for her fun, playful, and expressive style. Kirah's diverse dance background has allowed her to create pieces that display her versatility.

She began her belly dance studies in 2009 and specializes in American Cabaret, although she is inspired by and continues to explore the diversity of styles that Middle Eastern dance has to offer. 

Brittany has been dancing since the age of 3 beginning with tap, jazz, and ballet. Growing up on the stage, she fell in love with the performance world. She found pole dancing at the age of 21. Enamored by the art's fluidity and individuality of style, she discovered her niche in her highly complimented sensual performances. Brittany graduated from Stony Brook University with her bachelors focusing in Women's Studies, and feels a personal mission to helping women discover themselves as the confident dancers they want to be. As well, Brittany is committed to personal health, having lost 50lbs and continuing her journey of maintaining an active lifestyle. She welcomes the uniqueness of all levels and styles of pole dancers, so come in and have fun embracing your sexy side with Brittany's Pole and Sensual Dance classes!


Instructor-American Cabaret Belly Dance

Jeff Webb

Middle Eastern and African Percussion Instructor

Brittany Cillo

Pole Instructor

Gerard Laskowski

Stage / Studio Manager

Jeff Webb has been a professional drummer since 1969. Jeff began his studies with famed Jazz Drummer Al Miller in 1964, and then pursued a career as a rock and roll and jazz drummer. For many years, Jeff played djembe (a traditional African drum) with several West African dance companies, all the while maintaining a separate interest and practice in Middle-Eastern Percussion. He took his first “Derbakki” classes with Musicians Billy Woods and Daveed Korup, and than later with Karim Nagi and Raquy Danziger. Jeff then studied with famed Syrian drummer Amir Naoum who became his mentor. For over two decades, Jeff has played for Belly Dancers all over the New York and Tri-State area

Gerard Laskowski, known a "The Ugly Duckling" of TDLI is an important member of the TDLI Tribe. With expertise in Sound, Audio and Stage management. He is the Resident Dance Herder, Security and the voice of support and encouragement to the Art form he loves and the students and staff who find their way to TDLI.

Krissy Bruno


​   Krissy Bruno is an accomplished artist, aerialist, musician and professional clown!

Not only is she a member of every TDLI professional dance troupes, but she is one of TDLI's top notch instructors specializing in aerial  and  circus arts. Krissy brings passion, enthusiasm and joy to every class and performance. Krissy has been an important part of the Long Island entertainment community and TDLI is proud to showcase her talents in both performance and education.

Cienna Rizza

Owner / Instructor